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Milena Karadjova (vocal) and Asen Marinov (guitar) have the special talent, whenever they are on the stage, to transfer us in other time, in other space, in other state of mind. Their Bulgarian folklore songs, played with the tender voice of Milena and the renaissance elements of Asen’s guitar, are charming and magical. We are in our grandmother’s house or somewhere high in the mountains – where our memories and dreams are true, the air is pure and the view – yes, the view is endless…
Svetоslav Nikolov, program director of Jazz FM Radio


“The opening performance by the Asen&Milena Group was, quite literally, a guitar-centered offering, the colourful and imaginative accompaniments by guitarist Asen Marinov providing a rhythmic and harmonic backdrop to the lyrical and hypnotic lines, generated by Christian Georgiev (kaval) and singer Milena Karadjova. Master exponents of Bulgarian classical-folk crossover…”
Paul Fowles, Classical Guitar Magazine, Jan 2013


Asen and Milena turn their music into a shelter for the emotional visions of happiness, enjoynment, pacification, intimacy and the tradition.
P. Plamenov, "Culture" newspaper.
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Concert of Asen&Milena Group in Botevgrad, Bulgaria, Chitalishte "Hristo Botev".


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